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Corvette or Kit car?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/20/15 07:40 AM

There's a pretty bitchin' '59 "Corvette" in the October Vette magazine. OK... there is no doubt that this is a beautiful car! Maybe it's just me, but I'm a bit concerned that for 2 months in a row now, Vette magazine has featured what to me amount to kit cars. This month a truly stunning replica body on an Art Morrison chassis, with an e-rod motor. I have mixed feelings about restomod Corvettes anyway, but this takes it to another level. Was this EVER actually a Corvette? Last month... tube framed, LS powered, replica bodied Grand Sport. Neither of these were even built on a modified actual Corvette frame. They didn't even have actual Corvette bodies. They couldn't have a Corvette VIN.

I might feel differently if they were trying to at least emulate/pay tribute to a real Vette or Vette RPO. I mean... nobody can buy parts for an actual '63 Grand Sport. But they specifically wanted the modern conveniences but the classic look. I drive a modified C2... but it IS an actual Sting Ray. These 2 just LOOK like old Corvettes without having actual Corvette parts. Again... gorgeous cars, but in a magazine devoted to Corvettes, are we running out of Corvettes to feature, and resorting to admittedly spectacular, kit cars? Just an opinion.  

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