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Radio shutting off

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/19/14 06:58 PM

I have an '89 Vette. Most of the time when I apply the brakes, the radio shuts off for about five seconds then comes back on even if the brakes are still depressed. It seems like a wiring issue. Perhaps a short somewhere? The weird thing is it doesn't happen all the time. It will happen about six times in a row and then won't happen about six times in a row. Has anyone out there experienced this issue or have an idea what might be causing it?  

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Posted: 04/19/14 07:37 PM

wow.. thats kinda strange...

do me a favor.. i know it's a pain..

pull the battery and clean the ground cable connection thats kinda just past the end bolted to the firewall.

its kinda circled in the green.. you can just barely see the head in the corrosion....

it needs to have the bolt removed. the ring terminal wire brushed on both sides.. the underside of the bolt head wire brushed. and perhaps even the firewall where its bolted down..

87 C4 Underbatterygroundconnection

that's the main negative connection to the body from the battery..

then look toward for the power distribution terminal..

count the number of wires on it carefully.. take the nut off.. wire brush each side of the ring terminals..  wire brush the stud and the nut faces.. then count the wires as you reinstall them..

if you want to use something .. use WHITE LITHIUM grease..  or spark plug anti seize.. NOT silicone grease..

87 C4 Powerdistributionterminalblock

why spend the half hour. to 40 minutes to do this..

the first one supplies most if not all of the negative electrons to everything grounded to the interior of the car..  i was going to say body.. but corvette owners giggle at that. fiberglass humor i guess.. i say.. FRP..

the distribution block is the POSITIVE connection into the car..

these are just KNOWN areas of corrosion..  and the first places to start cleaning..

there are a bunch more..

and so far.. you have only spent a under 5 bucks for a stainless steel wire tooth brush from the hardware store..


post what you find..

if you have more failures.. i will dig out the wiring diagrams and go farther.  

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Posted: 08/27/14 03:35 AM


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