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C5 RH Door power lock and window will not work.

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Posted: 02/01/14 03:23 PM

I hit a pot hole at about 35 and the Driver Information Center started runing all of the warning lights, I pulled off the road and turned off the car for about 5 miuites started it back up and all looked ok, until I tried to lock the car,only the LH side would lock with with the key. I then tryed to lower the RH Window no luck. I have replaced Fuse #30 Right Door Control Module and Fuse #31 Power Feed Door Right just in case thay were bad (both were good).

Any one out there who can help out an old man.

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Posted: 02/03/14 04:08 PM

can you narrow the years down.. there are a few slight changes in the wiring diagrams that i am going to look up..  if you are still around..

you might have knocked a ground wire connection loose

or knocked a connector loose..

if you have something around a 1998 model.. check fuses 30 and 31.. in the instrument panel fuse box...

fuse 30 is a 10 amp labeled DCM-R
fuse 31 is a 25 amp labeled PWRFDR

if you probe these.. they should both have power all the time..

the Right hand door power module is grounded to G202..  and G202 is a splice pack.
right hand side.. behind the kick panel .

this looks good right.. nope.. wrong.. look inside..
Gm Ground Buss Zps90cb8fe0

look at the hidden corrosion..

Gm Groundbusscorrosion Zps3ec9ae3a

hope this helps...  

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