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Steering rack&pinion VS Borgeson modern steering box/ Vintage Air A/C

Kevin Lewis
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/25/13 06:41 AM

I have a 1980 Corvette and was thinking of changing the steering system in the car.But I not sure which set up whether it be the Steeroid rack&pinion or Borgeson modern steering box. I read the article you did on the installation of the steering rack on project triple X Corvette(where is that car?)and another article on a yellow convertible you installed the modern steering box. In your opinion which one did you like best as far as install and performance? Second Question,can a Vintage air A/C system be install in my year vette? Confused  

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Posted: 12/30/13 09:09 AM

i don't a personal answer for you.. there are several articles spread out in the 2 corvette web sites here..

i will see what i can find later .

i was hoping that replies from other corvette owners would magicly appear..  

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