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re-chrome wheels

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/07/14 10:30 AM

where in south florida can one have their 2011 grand sport wheel re-chromed?  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 06/07/14 12:27 PM

sorry.. i am on the West coast..  

i have not looked around there..  you will want to do several things..

note the VIN numbers that are stamped into your wheels..  each might be individually numbered also.. take pictures of each one..    you may also want to source out some spare wheels that match..  please.. make sure that you get a receipt from the salvage yard with a printed on the receipt that shows the business name and address. and also the Vin numbers of the wheels you just purchased.. this is to CYA.. you can check the website vin check to run that wheels vin number to make sure its NOT from a stolen and stripped car.  knowing the vin numbers on your wheels also makes sure that you are getting YOUR WHEELS back..   not somebody else's broken or damaged wheels.  very few chrome shops would pull this kind of dirty double underhanded dealing..  i am giving you the heads up as it happened to the shop i worked in years ago.. in a chrome shop that is now closed..

why the extra wheels.. just in case one gets damaged or broken after you put them back on the car..  you have spares that have the same chrome plating job ready to go..   what to do with the extras till you need. them..  coffee table or end tables with a glass table top set on top..

here is a video from one chrome shop that shows some of the steps..

there are a lot more steps that might be shown in their other videos i have not checked.. as wheels have to be dechromed.. any damage repaired.. surfaces polished. them the rechroming can proceed..

what were the plugs in the middle of the motorcycle wheels seen toward the end of this first video.. those prevent the various metals from plating the bearing bore.. there is a few thousands of thickness to chrome plating.. and it will make the holes too small to fit the  wheel or axle bearings if they did not prevent the various plating materials from being deposited  there..

there are also.. for chrome parts that have threads that get chromed..  special oversize taps that can be used to cut the threaded openings slightly oversize.. so the  fasteners threaded into them fit perfectly.. if the plating thickness is properly done to match the oversize..   the special chrome plating taps are 0.005 larger usually..  

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