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98 Convertible Side Mirror sloppy

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Posted: 05/20/14 04:20 PM

I have a newly purchased 98 in great shape. Got it home and decided to wash off all the bugs from the trip home. The side mirrors normally hinge inward and these after being wet moved back and forth like they were ready to fall off on both sides.After looking closer it looked like the previous owner siliconed the mirrors on to the base. Is there a plastic piece between the base and mirror that needs to be replaced or are they supposed to be glued??  

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Posted: 05/20/14 07:03 PM

there are almost always 3 nuts with captured flat washers on them holding the mirrors to the door..

07 04 C5 Mirror Zps4712f492

the mirror almost always has a molded rubber face plate that allows the mirrors to mount flush and be stable on the door structure or thru the door skin to prevent vibration.. could the car have been painted and the rubber separated for the paint job. and not reinstalled when the mirrors were reinstalled.. ABSOLUTELY..

i have had customers cars sent to the paint shop.. the removed parts to keep them in the car.. stored inside the car. usually in bags..  the car is sent to the detail shop before its returned .. and the detail shop has TOSSED the stuff in the bags.. vacuumed up the loose nuts and bolts out of the various trays..  i even had one come back. that the under dash panel and glove compartment was off. and laying on the floor of the passenger side. where it should have been safe. nope.. the never going to use that detail shop again. threw everything in the car out..  i am amazed that they left the floor mats..

even ones own shop is NOT safe.. had a 59 cad in for a paint job..  while the bumpers were off.. the owner said.. let get those replated.. OMG.. i have been thru that before.. boss said do it..  i wanted to send the brackets with the dismantled bumpers for a nice cleaning and zinc plating..  nope.. into a crate and set carefully into the trunk on several folded up cloth fender covers .. at somepoint while the bumpers were out.. somebody pulled the crate out of the trunk.. set it on the floor..  i went to lunch.. when i came back the scrap pickup guy had all the bumper brackets in that crate on his dolly and was heading for his truck..  i grabbed the crate. ask the supervisor. whats up.. i'm cleaning up the shop.. too many old parts laying around..  he lasted two more days.. till the shop owner got in.. and looked for his stash of old parts.. yep. the scrap guy had gotten all of his old tri power set ups..  air cleaners included..  when i grabbed the crate off the scrap guys dolly he ran to his truck and left.. before i could stop him..  

will you be able to find replacement mounting parts??? they are not listed individually in the GM parts site i looked at..  

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