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1957 long lost Corvette show car The Super Sport, was it fuel injected

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Posted: 04/24/14 11:13 AM

I am a historian tracking the history of the  1957 white Corvette Super Sport show car

Pictures here;

which was shown at the Chicago auto show. Its unusual features were twin racing windscreens, blue stripe nose to tail, brushed metal side coves a la SR2 , SR2 dash, two drinking glasses in center console, different door panels.
I am curious to know if it had FI when it was a show car
SN of car?
SO (special order) number?
Also how it got to used car lot in Arizona? Did GM sell it? Anybody know price?
It was smashed by a teenager hitting a telephone pole but I am not clear if that was the new buyer's son or the lot boy in which case the car would have been sold already pre-smashed if that's the right phrase. It has been in restoration for over 40 years but appreciate any clues. I think of it as the "fourth SR2" though it lacks most of the stuff on the SR-2 cars like the more pronounced grille cavity, etc.  

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Posted: 04/25/14 08:53 AM

wow.. only one issue.. when i went to that site.. it had a pop behind show up..

so people viewing.. beware..

i am now resetting my browser and dumping the cashe and cookies..  

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