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Weather stripping for a 1995 Corvette

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Posted: 03/28/14 01:22 PM

I have a leak on both sides between the door and the removable glass top in the front corner.  Is this common and is this usually a weather stripping problem?  Also does anyone know how difficult it is to replace the weather stripping?  thanks in advance.  

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Posted: 03/28/14 05:12 PM

there are a bunch of articles already written on this...

there are more on the next few pages of this search also...

i did not check over at corvettefever magazine archives.

and i used several different fixes on a NON Corvette application.. when i had some weather strip surface degrading..

i have used both 3M and permatex black superweatherstrip adhesive as a new surface on the weather strip.. i left the door open for several hours to allow the surface to completely dry.. this is contact cement you understand.. it can stick when dry..

i have used black silicone sealer as a surfacing coating on the weather strip..

i would think that the ultrablack might work also.. but it might be too stiff.. have not tried the ULTRA BLACK personally..

i have some silicone self vulcanaizing tape  in black and used the superweatherstrip adhesive to glue that to the surface of the weatherstrip. that car was sold after i performed that service so i don't know how it came out in the long run..

so there are several ways to fix this..    

careful stuffing of some hollow sections also made some areas seal better..  

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