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I did baked paint Should do a polish?

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Posted: 01/04/14 06:23 AM

Dear Friends

I just got a new baked paint. How long should I wait before polish? I am gonna use meguiars ultimate polish by hand, no machine.  

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Posted: 01/08/14 01:15 AM

NO!!!!!   NOT YET...   talk to the painter..  talk to the paint supplier...

there are schedules before you polish any paint finish..

baked paint gets it hard sooner..

it truly depends on the type of paint..  and you really need to start at an out of the way area before you go to anywhere visible..

do you have Orange peal..

do you have runs...

is it not really smooth and shiny??? already...

got decent pictures... upload them to photobucket..   paste those links here.. if you get it pasted it may show up.. but i might be able to help  

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