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1988 Corvette, any issues?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/27/13 07:34 PM

I'm considering the purchase of a 1988 Corvette with low milege. I've never owned a Corvette before. It has the all digital dash. Were/are there any issues with the 1988s?

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Posted: 06/27/13 10:12 PM

there are all kind of reasons to buy an 88 C4 corvette... and some reasons to not buy a C4 corvette

all depends on the car... and your attitude and wallet..

that car is 25 years old...  and will probably need a bunch of stuff done..

one thing.. until you have verified that its truly in running condition.. don't make it your only car..

there are 2 corvette magazine web sites here... both have C4 sections in the forums.. with a LOT of troubles listed and most worked out..

if you get it right.. you can get close to 30 MPG with some..

they are fun cars and usually easier for owners to service than C5 and C6 models.  at least i think so,

digital dashes are easily fixed.. there are several articles spread out on the web about repairing them...

you will want to invest in a factory service manual.  35 to 100 bucks..

you will want to invest in an OBD1 scan tool..   $50 to $600 bucks..

you will want to invest in a digital volt meter...  $20 to 35 bucks.. will do ..

you will also if you don't want to fix it your self... need to find a qualified trained mechanic.. who actually knows these .. not just somebody with some tools.. and a work shirt..

it can get really really really expensive when mechanics become parts changers when they don't really have a clue of what's going on...

and they can change thousands of dollars of parts because a screw is misadjusted..

but these problems effect all cars since the introduction of electronic fuel injection in 1975/6 models of caddys.. the first corvette electronic  fuel injection system was in 1982 the 79 thru 81 models had feedback carbs with computers to control them.  

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