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Insurance and alarm system for '74 stingray

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Posted: 12/27/13 08:15 PM


I just purchased a '74 Stingray  Cool  and need to get it insured, however, my intention is to drive it everywhere. I am young (24) and saved a bit of money to buy it. Now I want to use it.

I have looked everywhere online and they all have so many restrictions. I may have to buy the plan just to be able to legally drive in my state but will have no confidence if something actually happened (by the way, how do they prove a lot of this stuff?).  Confused  

So that leads me to my next inquiry,

If I am going to have a hard time finding a plan that works for me because of my age and daily driver status, what is the best, top of the line, alarm system that I can install in my almost completely original Stingray?

Thank you again for your help.

As a newbie, I needed this!

Gus C.  

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Posted: 12/30/13 08:46 AM

you can get Liability insurance that will cover you to register and drive your C3 from any insurance company...
you will want significantly more than state minimums liability..

if you want full coverage.. that is where you are going to run into issues..

as daily drivers are exposed to much higher rates of loss..

if the restrictions are too high.. calculate out what a restricted policy would cost..

take that amount of payments and stuff them in an interest bearing bank account..

if your car gets damaged.. you will have funds to cover it.  if other peoples cars or property are damaged. the liability will cover it..

i am NOT hip to all the insurance coverage needs.. i personally just call and pay for it.. that might bite me some day.. i guess i will have to study up on it..

i am hoping that your car has already had the 4 calipers rebuilt and sleeved to prevent corrosion issues..   there are 2 corvette web sites here.. vette  and also corvettefever..  just in case you did not know.. there are C3 articles in both web sites..

as for alarm systems..  ughh.. there are a LOT of alarmsystems out there..

there are so many ways to hook them up.. and then.. somebody has come up with a box that they stand beside your car.. push buttons and cycle thru the alarm codes till it unlocks.. and they are gone..

i usually use a heavy duty switch to cut the power to the ignition coil..  i am not going to post where i install them.. if you are curious.. click my user name and send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE.. i will only see them when i am logged in.. and i only log in when i see a new thread in the active posts to answer..  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 12/30/13 09:00 AM

OH... and Price Uninsured motorist coverage..  some companies charge a LOT for it.. others not so much..

this is to go with your liability..

this covers you if somebody hits you that is not insured.. or if your car is damaged by a HIT and run driver..

i had a great old lady who drove her 65 buick special 4 door.   she was making a left turn at the same place she had done so for decades without an accident..

this time.. some MORON ran the signal a few seconds after it turned red..

where on earth do people think that RED means DRIVE on thru.. it will be OK..

he crushed the left front fender and bumper of her car.

she got out with pencil and paper in her hand..  wrote down his license number..  this guy got out of his car.. walked over to this old lady.. ripped the pad and pencil from her hand.. knocked her down and got into his car and sped away spewing coolant as he went..  

being that her car was about 40 years old.. and lOOKED BRAND NEW.. she kept it under 3 car covers to protect it from the sun..

i pulled the bumper out to let her drive it home..  the insurance adjuster refused her full coverage.. hoping to bogart this old lady into going away ..

i looked at her policy.. full coverage.. and uninsured coverage..  the uninsured coverage section got her car fixed.. as much as they did not want to .. they found the parts and fixed it perfectly..  she had been paying for full coverage with the same company since she had first bought the car in early 65..

insurance companies usually don't cover cars with full coverage over about 12 or 15 years old.. they are  just a write off to them.  

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