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Removable Steering Wheel for C3

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/30/13 03:19 AM

Where can I find this for my 74 stingray?  

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Posted: 12/30/13 08:08 AM

if your car like almost all C3s and other corvettes has tilt and telescopic steering the grant products #2001 key release steering wheel kit will not work..

you do have an OUT... an out is a way to possibly fix this issue.. not impossible.. not even that hard to swap for a professional mechanic or even an skilled car owner...

pick up a NON Teloscopic tilt column from a DIFFERENT GM car or truck.. from 69 to about 78 or so.. it will have the same ROUND housing.. the 79 housings have a bulge on the left side and will not interchange with what i am about to mention..

you can carefully take the replacement column all apart.. down to the pivot bracket bolted onto the tube.. that part does NOT have to come off..   rock the steering shaft to the side. and separate it at the tilt joint..   once you have all these components removed and layed out..   and have painted the parts that may be the wrong color to match your column..  you can install all the non telescopic parts.. from the tilt joint in the steering shaft and up.  

you will want to replace the Ignition lock cylinder..

you will want to replace the Turn signal switch.. with a new one..

you won't need a steering wheel with the replacement column..

there is an article over in carcraft on tilt column repair.. that takes you almost far enough down to complete this swap..

check with pep boys or oreilly stores .. they might have the 2001 grant kit instock locally..  you will need a proper steering wheel to match the kit..

this does not prevent anybody from breaking thru the side of your column. but it sure makes it hard for them to drive it away..

so.. to repeat..

you will need the #2001 kit from grant..
you will need a steering wheel to fit the grant 2001 kit..

you will need a 69 to 78 TILT steering column that is NOT telescopic from almost any GM car or truck..

a new ignition lock cylinder
a proper turn signal switch..

and.. i read some info on the grant site..

please send in the warrantee card from the 2001 kit.. in case you ever loose the keys.. they can replace them.

i cannot verify that this conversion will work.. but i have had so many gm columns apart.. that i bet it will

there are steering column repair shops that can handle this if you explain it carefully..

while you have the steering column dropped and the ignition switch removed..

please pick up a replacement ignition switch.. they are under 20 bucks and they do wear out.  the contacts burn away inside from use.. its easier to replace it now.. than later..  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 12/30/13 08:30 AM

lastly you will want to invest in a product like this..

classic seems to be out of stock...but they might get more..

there are partially removable devices like this P301 model..

clamps over your column and a removable section comes off when you want to drive it.. saves the need to tear apart your steering column from the T and T version...

there are various brands of these column protection rings or covers available..  

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