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Insurance and alarm system for '74 stingray

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Posted: 12/27/13 08:14 PM


I just purchased a '74 Stingray Laugh  and need to get it insured, however, my intention is to drive it everywhere. I am young (24) and saved a bit of money to buy it. Now I want to use it.

I have looked everywhere online and they all have so many restrictions. I may buy the plan to be able to legally drive in my state but will have no confidence if something actually happened (by the way, how do they prove a lot of this stuff?).  Confused  

So that leads me to my next inquiry,

If I am going to have a hard time finding a plan that works for me because of my age and daily driver status, what is the best, top of the line, alarm system that I can install in my almost completely original Stingray?

Thank you again for your help.

As a newbie, I needed this!

Gus C.  

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