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z06 performance

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/20/13 05:39 PM

just a note to all contemplating mods on 06-12 z06 models, I currently have an 06 z06 with almost 10k miles, one of a total of 9 corvettes owned in my time. I have currently added kooks longtubes, vararam cai, corsa exhaust, and a custom tune running torco 102 octane unleaded race fuel with results of 10.89 on drag slicks on a true 1320 quarter, not the 1000 ft. bs. my point is this, I have religiously followed ranger c6z06, and applied his driver mods----they work! I have had 2 other z06c6 models, one with a 9 psi. procharger, and the other with full on heads, cam, etc. those cars made more rwhp. but there is something to be said about the old saying---it don't run if you can't get it to the ground. before you modify these cars, please do your research and ask yourself what will you ultimately do with the car.PS. I live in phoenix az. my tuner did my car at 106 degree ambient temp. and he does not like correction factors. my car dyno'd 502hp with 482torque at the wheels. as a sidenote my other 2 z06's did not do as well in the quarter,and put out a considerable more hp. than this car does.I have been racing for over 20 yrs.say what you will but please check out ranger c6z06 website, you will see what can be done with these cars bone stock. I have been a subscriber to vette mag. for a long time. keep up the good work guys, never posted before but I can say that with best efforts, my other cars couldn't do what what this car does consistently.  

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