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2013 Grand Sport vibration

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/16/12 09:33 AM

Just got my new 2013 Grand Sport 3 weeks ago and really haven't had an opportunity to take it on a good trip till this past weekend.  I get a humming/ vibrating sound at 60-70mph that eminates from the right side front end.  Dealer says thay are aware of it and that there is a bulletin out on it (PIC 5664).  It apparently involves removing a piece of trim and installing some butyl tappe and then re-installing the trim piece.  Has anyone come across this, and if so did the repair solve the problem?  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 07/16/12 03:07 PM

while waiting for a 2013 owner to chip in..

my former boss...  a chrysler mechanic from 1946 to 1970.. related a story of a early wagon that had the weirdest vibrating sound.. the balanced the tires..  replaced the wheels and tires.. replaced the shocks.. then the suspension.   they just could NOT get rid of this vibration that shook the entire car..  during one road test.. with the wagon full of techs.. hanging out the windows.. trying to see what was making the noise.. one of them put their hand on the headliner.. not something that gets done in a brand new car..  the roof was vibrating..   when one of them looked up top while it was happening.. like at 55 mpg.. brave techs..

the wooden slats of the optional roof rack was flipping up and down in the wind like crazy.. the airfoil was creating enough lift and down force to overcome the slight BOW in the wood..  they swapped it in backwards and it stopped flopping in the wind..

another was a repeat customer .. a very nice lady..  who's car would foul plugs and need to be towed in...  after weeks of the car being towed in.. and no trouble ever found.. my friend went to her house to monitor her drive..   she came out. got in the car..   pulled the choke rod out.. hung her purse strap on it and started the motor..   as the motor started.. she pushed the choke control knob in..  but the purse had medium wide straps.. the straps prevented the choke from opening fully when her purse was hanging there.

hopefully someone will come up with an answer.. i will look around later tonight ..  

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Posted: 07/22/12 10:31 AM

I had a 1988 Ford Crown Vic. station wagon company car. It had a vibration that noone could find. It was fine at 60MPH at 65 MPH you could not stand it in the car. Well my buddy and myself got brave one day, and did the same thing. We found the roof rack air deflector was vibrating so bad we were surprised it didn't damage the roof. It turned out that Ford never put a screw in the middle of the air deflector.Then at 65MPH it lifted and would vibrate as you would have to hear to believe. Grin  Cool

We purchased a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 new. Well FoMoCo was on strike just before the car was built. Every so often when we put the brakes on we could hear this swissing sound under the driver's side seat. I can't tell you hope many times the dealer had it and I looked for the sound. Well in 1977 I was having an exhaust installed on it. Well there it was a coke bottle that was installed in the frame.(Back then they had a box frame). Then was welded so we never found it until then. It had a note in it."We could hardly make out". The note said You finally found your noise. Nearly 10 years later. This was nasty Ford. It was a 390 P-Code FM transmission and a 3:90 limited slip rear.  

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