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Oil mill machinery from india

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Posted: 07/10/12 04:01 AM

Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of oil seeds spare parts, Oil seed Extraction machines, India best quality oil mill machinery manufacturers and Suppliers.

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Posted: 07/10/12 03:14 PM

thanks.. i will forward this info to all the fertility clinics in my area...

extracting seed is one of their specialties..


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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/16/13 12:58 AM

Features of Seed Cleaner

Seed cleaner contains gentle vibratory feeder that reduces damages to crops.
Modern cleaners have an aggressive design that helps to clear even the most rough materials
They have all standard bearings and replacement parts.
It has wide 54" screen can be integrated with other cleaners
The seed cleaner has a large air settling chambers for even & accurate air separation
The tubular construction of a seed cleaner is robust and ensure cleaning of all types of rough materials
They ensure an optional counterbalance for smooth operation
The screenery is large and provide enough range of screen area
Generally a cleaner comes in 54 square feet to 240 square feet
Steel constructed seed cleaners are the best for handling large amount of rough materials  

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Posted: 02/16/13 09:40 PM

OOUCH! Tongue


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Posted: 01/03/14 08:03 AM

Shreeji Industries is a leading company which manufacturers of oil expeller & oil mill machinery. we ensure that the quality standards of our processing machines match those with the best in the market  

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