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Replacing Ignition Switch C4 Corvette

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Posted: 06/09/12 11:20 AM

Now that the Corvette starts, 1987 model, it doesn't stay running. Wayne says to replace the Ignition switch & I have done extensive research for photos or video of doing this task. Chiltons is about as much help as not having AW when one needs some. Doesn't seem like this is that difficult but the instructions that comes with the new Switch says there may be adjustments needed. Any help from one of you out there who have replaced their Ignition Switch would be helpful. Thanks.  
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Posted: 06/09/12 02:41 PM

were you able to VERIFY THAT there is a POWER loss issue at the HEI BAT wire when you release from cranking position...

please verify before tossing in the towel..  they do wear out.  and are under 20 bucks.. but a royal pain to replace...

disconnect the battery.
remove knee pad under the dash.  not an easy chore on the C4 models.. sorry..
there are 4 bolts holding the steering column mounting bracket to the steering column tube.. take all but one out.. 13 MM socket. on those...   a 15 deep socket is needed to remove the NUTS holding the bracket to the dash board brace...     the column will drop slightly.. then you can remove the bracket.. NOTING which direction it fits..    you might want to put a mark on it first.. with a label or scrap of duct tape..

you can now.. see not just the ignition switch. but the dimmer switch is mounted to it also..

you will have to remove the dimmer switch .. you can then remove the ignition switch..

there are 2 screws or 3 for the pair as i recall..

please do all this with the key out of the ignition..  as the switch comes in the locked position usually with a pin that has to be removed to lock it in place for installation..

the switch has to be lifted slightly off the L in the wire..  

once installed.. the dimmer switch goes back on..  and has to be adjusted... so the proper amount of PULL up for dimmer happens...  ..  

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