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Need Info on the Tach on 1987 Corvette

V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 08/03/12 10:50 AM

I am having a bit of an issue with my Tach, it isn't working. I have replaced the Tach Filter 2 times now & it still isn't working. Makes setting the base idle kinda hard except for the old standby of "listening" to set it. While listening to the idle speed I know I get close but I want to be dead on. With my Cam loping as it does, I have a CompCam installed with 1.6 Stainless Roller Rocker's upgrade. To the point, I called waynep71222 and he says he recently had seen a post here or else where about someone posting a diagram of a ground located in conjuction with the driver side head. My own search has come up empty. At any rate does anyone out there know of a seperate ground, besides the Tach Filter, being mounted onto the driver side head? As everyone knows this is a digital dash, just to throw this tidbit in.  
Gregorio Lonewolf

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