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will c5 Z06 whells fit on a c6 vette?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/08/12 03:35 PM

Hello, I am in need of some help before I waste money on a new set of tires. I had a 2003 Z06 that I put a set of aftermarket wheels on. The Z06 had 17" in the front and 18" wheels in the rear. I sold that car but put the stock wheels back on it when I sold it. I have recently purchased a 2005 coupe which has the stock 18" in the front and 19" in the rear. My question is if I buy a new set of tires that were the stock size for the Z06 will they fit on my c6 without hitting any of the suspension or will they be to wide. I have bolted the whell on and I do have clearance for the calipers. Hard to tell if the wider but shorter tire will fit when in turns and suspension is giving. Also, would the tire sensors work if I bought new sensors? The Z06 did not have this feature so I am not familiar with it.

Thanks in advance.  

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