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VIN number incorrect

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/27/12 05:20 PM

I have discovered my VIN could be incorrect, at least that is what a dealer tells me and I subscribe to several VIN search engines (I am a vehicle fleet manager).  I can see and read the VIN tag clearly so I know that is the number I am using (matches the one on title).  But the manufacturer tag on the door, I can only read part of the VIN but that part does match.  the number I have is 13 numbers long.  was this a standard sequence for a 1978?  I know of vehicles that have 16 and todays numbers are 17 long.  Where else on the vehicle could I look?  The motor has been replaces so no matching numbers there.
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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 04/27/12 07:16 PM

13 digit vin numbers are normal till 1980 if i recall.. then they went to 17 digits..

the program kicking out the 13 digit code is probably carfax...

there is a vin check at ncib ..   just google ncib vin check..

the window tag.. is the official tag..

i would worry that the door tag reads differently.. could be a swapped on door..

since the engine has been changed the partial vin stamped into the deck surface won't match..

does it have the original transmission???? that will have a vin number stamped on it.. full or partial .. i don't recall..    there are VIN numbers hidden around the car.. that MUST match the tag in the windshield..   there may be a vin number or partial stamped into the rear end housing someplace..

i know there are some on the frame.. but i don't know and don't want to talk about them on the web.. other than the top front of one of the frame members..

please run the vin number at the NCIB site..

see if you can read the one on the door..   run that one also at the vin check site also..

you might also want to see if the spray painted stencil numbers are still on the side of one of the frame rails.....  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 04/28/12 12:39 PM

Also you may be able to find the "vehicle identification number number" (sorry) on top of the frame rail.  Mirror needed.

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