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1985 Corvette Targa Top

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Posted: 11/19/10 05:37 PM

Hi,I have a 1985 corvette with a glass targa top when I purchased the car the glass for the targa top was off the frame and I am trying to restore it. I 1st used the 3m windshield ribbon, worked for a while but came loose again. I am going to try the windshield ribbon again,but I was wondering if someone would know if there is a better way to get this glass top to stay on its frame.It is a lot of work to keep trying the ribbon if it will not stick right. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks. Bill e-mail  

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Posted: 11/20/10 08:43 AM

i have seen something on this type of repair in one of the two corvette magazines on this site.. i don't remember if it was in a forum.. or an article...  

you might talk to your local auto glass shop... they have 2 component urethane window adhesives to hold windshield in new cars... that makes them structural parts of the car..  

i do know.. that you will have to have the car tires evenly inflated.. sitting on a level area... with the top ready to be latched down when you do this... ... i also think this is covered in most years of the C4 factory service manuals.. the auto glass shop guys can probably advise the best.  and you want to find the buzy shop.. that does drive to the customers shop type of auto glass shop.... their techs usually have better training... but not always...

i did a little searching last night..    there seems to be a place that also does this.. and will buy used panels even broken ones ... just for the parts.. to put new glass in...  i forgot to book mark it...  i found it searching google for corvette targa ...

you might try to contact them also...

edit... i did book mark it..

there are a bunch of others out there also...  

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