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283 sbc Upgrade Opinions Please

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Posted: 04/03/18 06:32 PM

Hello everyone,
Last year I purchased a 1964 Impala with a 283, and powerglide trans. Other than adding power steering and disk brakes, it is all stock. It runs just fine, but it feels so s-l-o-w. Therefore, I was wondering what are some basic upgrades I can make to give the 283 a little more oomph. I was told that carb/intake/ and maybe exhaust (headers) is a good place to start. And then after that, maybe a cam upgrade. I have also been told to just save my money, and drop in a brand new 350.

I am very new to the classic/muscle car scene, but I am very lucky, as my wife enjoys the hobby as much as I do. I have met some very interesting people in the car scene, and I have made some great friends in less than one year. Everyone has been so helpful. Anyways, any and all help/opinions will be greatly appreciated.


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