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LS3 upgrades

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/30/17 10:39 AM

First and foremost Hello, im new here and im sorry if this question has been asked many times before but here it goes anyway.
I have a 2017 holden commodore ssv redline (chevy ss) it has a 6.2 litre ls3 v8 engine, stock power is 304 kw and that's not that impressive for such a big engine that is easily capable of so much more power.
My overall goal it to make the car a weekend warrior extracting as much power as I can without turning it into a race car making it unsuitable for daily driving.
I know theres plenty of options to increase power but things like a super charger, turbo, light weight flywheel, shaving the head, modified fuel pump ect are taking things too far and turning it into a racer more than anything.
Im looking to use a cam with low to mid range gains, a custom otr cold air intake, di filippo 3' ceramic coated cat back exhaust with high flow cats and 1' 7/8 headers, custom tune and replacing the stock tailshaft with a custom made carbon fibre one.
My understanding of engines is elementary school level at best and I was wondering if anyone could suggest any other drive train or engine upgrades appropriate for my needs, thanks  

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