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454 Swap Problems! HELP!

Jonnathan Medina
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/10/17 07:49 PM

Dont know if im in the right place as far as topic to begin with. Im pretty new to forums sobi apoligize in advance.
Now i just bought a Swapped 1976 Caprice with a 454 and a TH400 Transmission and it doesnt want to start. Itll turn over and if i spray some carb cleaner on it while im turning it over it will start and then die out. Where should i start looking?  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/23/17 10:30 PM

I hope I don't belabour things you already know, but for the engine to run, it needs fuel, spark and air.  The air part is a given if you've got a straight shot at the carb.  You need to verify that you are getting fuel to the carb when you crank the engine.

If you have fuel, the next thing to check is spark.  Pop a spark plug lead off and arrange to hold it so that you can see a spark jump to ground- either the plug or the block or heads will do, whatever works to let you verify you have spark when cranking.

The last thing to check is that the spark is coming at the right time.  If you have a timing light available, try 10 degrees Before TDC initial timing.  Your distributor should have anywhere from 20-26 advance, controlled by the tension on the springs acting on weights that want to fly out as the engine picks up speed.  I hope that you have your vacuum advance system intact, or you'll never get a satisfactorily running engine.

Based on your OP, it sounds to me as though you are not getting fuel.  Not knowing the age or condition of the engine makes anything else just guesswork on my part.
Good Luck!  

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