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Rethinking the American Roadster

Paul Kirley
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/11/17 01:43 AM

Hey guys,
Imagine that the c 20 series truck frame with the truck arm suspension is a great platform for a roadster. I have built one in my garage with a budget of 20k using basic tools. I have just begun the process and my build is modest. I have selected a small block and paired it with m20 muncie 4 speed. I moved the engine back in the frame, shortened it until the tail shaft met the drive shaft and dropped it about 4" in hight. I dropped the suspension on both ends and  had a starting place. I made a sub frame from 1.5" tube and a simple cowl in a few pieces from 5000 series aluminum.
My goal was to to have all the gauges near to their functional locations. I have a cowl mounted tach inches away from my Hei sensor. Oil pressure next to it also into the block inches away. My H20 temp is 30" away next to the radiator on its own stalk and in line with my eye as a driver. This is form follows function.  
The body element is just a cowl and wind screens are vintage english brooklands racing screens. A bit of english vintage added to an all american 69 Chevy Roadster.

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