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What type of turbo is great for a 292 Straight six?

69 C10
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Posted: 06/26/17 01:19 PM

I have a 1969 chevy c10 with a 292 engine and a 4 speed muncie. I want to put a turbo in it. I'm still in high school about to enter senior year and i just want a truck that's fast to beat those chevy vortec engines and those hondas. I wanted to know what type of turbos are good for this like a cummins or a gt35 idk tbh. i also wanted to know what internals i need to upgrade to support this mod and what type of manifold would would go good for this and the type of carburetor. i would like the horsepower to to be greater than that of a 350 and kinda. Any Suggestions?  

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