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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/16/17 04:38 PM

Problems with my 69 vette, 434 SBC, auto trans 3.08 gears with 6210 holley. Last season ended with the engine with off idle surging and getting worse. Got a rebuild kit, went through carb found some dirt in passages, thought problem gone, only to make it worse. Now I have off idle surging, erratic idle, and severe bog hesitation coming off idle. So I got another kit and went through carb again. Still same problems. Fuel economy has gone from 20 + mpg to 11 mpg and runs like crap. Idle speed in neutral 1050, I'm lucky if it stays a 650 in gear, dies out a lot.. What do I look for? T Confused  

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