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Chevy 383 Vortec Stroker

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/23/14 09:38 AM


Chevy 383 Stroker
1994 Block
Comp Cam  .480/.480  231 Duration
GM Iron Vortec Heads (sawtooth) cleaned up and ported
10.0:1 Compression
Single rise aluminum intake
Turbo 350 with 3.73 posi   2,200 stall
Holley 750 double pumper

Dyno tested out at 286HP and 316 TQ at the rear wheels at 5,500 rpm

3,800 pound Camaro

Not much more I can do with this build, but need a little more power and a little quicker response for a good street ride with a decent 1/4 at the track.

Will going with some roller rockers (Scorpion narrow body self aligning  #SCP1035 with a 1.5 ratio) help me pick up another 10 to 15?  

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