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454 Gen V Heads/Gasket

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/20/14 06:08 AM

We have a 454 engine, the casting number is 10114182, 91-95 Gen V 4 bolt main. The cast number on the original cast iron heads was 14097088. We were having the heads redone and found one was cracked with pitting in the seats so we purchased a new set of Engine Works Aluminum heads part #170000A. This engine is on an Airboat used in salt water inshore fishing and I purchased FelPro head gaskets part # 17042 for marine applications, here is the problem, the gaskets are missing the holes just below the dowl pin holes and they have round holes at the bottom in the water jackets. Do I have the right gaskets/heads?  

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