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How To Post Pictures

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Posted: 05/11/14 03:37 AM

To post pictures on the forums, follow the steps below.

You need to upload your picture to a site that will host images, such as photobucket, imageshack, etc. In the examples below we're using photobucket. We're not endorsing them mind you, just using them as an example. The site you use might differ from photobucket.

Step 1
Once you upload the image(s) you can click on the image itself and you should see something like this.


Step 2
On the right side of this page you'll see a box with codes to email the picture, post it on Facebook or post it on a message board. The message board code is what you need for our site. If you click in the box with the code it'll automatically be selected and you can simply copy that to your clipboard (CTRL-C on a PC or CMD-C on a Mac).


Step 3
With that done you can simply paste that code in your post and it should show up in the message. See below for what the code should look like in your message.


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Posted: 12/21/17 03:32 AM

upload your photo and just write a alt tag in it
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And this is really great information. its really work for me.
Thank u for share your knowledge with us.
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Excellent information provided by you,
Thank you so much............  

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