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Creating 350 to 400 hp from a SBC 350

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/10/15 11:38 AM

I have a 87 Z28 (305 carb) looking to put together a 350 SBC that can produce around 350 to 400hp.  I have about a 3grand budget and looking to get the most bang for the buck.  I was thinking of going with a scat stroker kit, 650 holley dp, and vortec heads- im lost on what type cam, intake, etc.  any ideas from you good folks would be greatly appreciated.


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Just Try It1
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Posted: 02/10/15 09:22 PM

just a heads up.. do you have to smog the car??  does it have feedback carb as many had.. what color is the connector on the top front right corner of the carb.. blue or black or grey..

i am taking you don't care about fuel economy..   before you put money in your camaro.. open the hood.. have a friend work the steering wheel back and forth about 6 inches at the top of the steering wheel while you look down at the top of the steering box.. it should NOT ROCK back and forth..    there are wonderbars that fit above the sway bar on the frame bushings to really stiffen up the steering and frame horns..

there are several articles spread out thru the magazines on building a motor like that.
you will probably want to start with an 86 up block to make the swap better.. one piece rear main seal version..      

just hang on.. a few forum members will be around. or click the TECH/HOW TO menu above right.  

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