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my first 350 build

Mike  Malone
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/13/14 03:01 AM

Hi guys im new to the site and am a big car fanatic and have finally came by a good deal for a 95 350 longblock abouy 110xxx on it for $200 then I also found a set of aluminum heads a performer rpm intake and a 600 eldabrock carb for another 200 but I also found a lt1 out of a 96 police caprice With 98xxx for 300 also longblock and thats all for the engine but found a 83 caprice 4 door for 200 with a 305 that has a blown headgasket  and a good tranny that will match ip to the 350 but am wonting some advice for the engine build and what kinda power im expecting And ibknow the basics for a 305 to 350 swap but some more info on any of the build from the power teain to the interior I will take happily  

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Posted: 09/08/14 02:36 AM


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