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Holley problems

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Posted: 03/21/14 12:21 PM

Have a fresh rebuilt 6210 Holley,650dp with manual secondaries,and no choke.Rebuilt today with a complete kit.Installed it,got the idle mixtures set up,and took it for a drive.Cruised it around at highway speeds for about 30 mins,it ran great.Took down the Autobahn, and ran it about 2 miles at WOT.Afterwards it started surging badly at normal highway speeds.It's not flooding ,or dripping out the boosters,and it runs fine under acceleration,WOT or idle.Just won't hold a cruise with out coughing and sputtering.

What broke?  

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Posted: 03/21/14 08:54 PM

dirt in the float valves..

install a fuel injection type of fuel filter inline before the fuel pump.. this will protect the needle and seat from debris..

once you get it installed and have started the engine to restore fuel flow.. shut it off..

pinch the fuel hose running into the fuel pump where you just installed a fuel filter.  have somebody start the engine .. take the RPMS up to about 2500.. still with the line closed.. you are using up the fuel in the float bowls and dropping the floats..  when it starts to sputter as its running out of gas.. you release the pliers and allow the now filtered flow thru the pump and into the carb that both primary and secondary  floats are wide open..  the inrush of filtered fuel will usually clean out the needles and seats..

sometimes you have to perform this 3 or 4 times..

i have used this for years..

it really does work..

since you are probably in germany.. you will want to find a fuel filter perhaps for something like a mid  ford ranger or explorer..  

this is an FF756  has 9MM inlet and outlet.. 10 micron filter element.

FF756 9Mmfittings  

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