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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 02/15/14 11:59 AM

Hi--I have a 1962 Impala SS with a stock 300 H.P. 327 C.I.--One or two lifters are tapping--want to replace cam & lifters only for a mild thumper style cam set-up--I have a triple carb setup on it--what brand & type of cam set should I be looking at--it's a factory 4-speed car with a factory 4:11 posi rear--no engine mods other than the carbs.  Thanks, Vince  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 02/15/14 02:43 PM

have you adjusted the valves..???

if you can scavenge a valve cover off any chevy V8 up thru 1985.. you can cut it in half the long way.. or cut the a notch out of the top with an upside down wide U cut.. so you can bend the uncut side UP..   this will allow you to install this to adjust the valves with the engine running and not splash so much oil everywhere..

glue a new valve cover gasket to the custom valve cover..

while the engine is idling... please observe the push rod spin..

in most engines.. the push rod will turn a fraction of a turn to a turn or two each time the valve is actuated..

it will turn in ONE direction only... this is because the lifter is turning on the cam lobe.. and is normal

if your push rods are spinning like a power drill is on them.. or if its going left and right.. you might have a cam going flat..

i would think that a half pint of marvel mystery oil .. might loosen any varnish in the valve lifters.. it has worked for me for years..  yes it looks like ATF.. but ATF has rosin in it.. marvel does not..  it might take 100 miles for it to work all the varnish out of the lifters..

there are A LOT of cams grinds out there.. i used H230 grinds from american cam for a lot of years.. but i lost the specs a long time ago..  it has a lot of vacuum so you will get decent mileage.. and still a little lope..

hang around . one of the other forum members might have a good idea of what might help.. and i wonder.. if that application came with a solid lifter cam probably not..

that exact OEM cam GRIND for that engine might also be available.. if you look around..

there are several articles on zinc oil additives.. that are needed with conventional lifter cams..  

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Posted: 02/16/14 06:26 PM

In '62 the 340 horse 327 had solids.,.

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