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Chevy 327 1964 spitting a lot of oil

Dirk Van Ussel
I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/12/14 02:33 AM

Hi all,
My Corvette engine,reconditioned has blown a lot of oil in the airfilter.
As I am European and not experienced with the V-8 I've come to this site.
Engine runs well,no signs of sump pressure even when blipping the throttle.
After a good run(100 miles),the air filter was soaked and a lot of oil was blown out via the back vent tube in the filter compartiment.( at least 1 quart!)
I initially thought the sump might have been overfilled but only 2.5 liters came out of it.
The engine is an early Corvette one,no vent caps on the valve covers.
Do these engines have a habit of blowing oil out?
Any ideas?

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/15/14 10:16 AM

Internal crankcase pressure way to high if it's blowing oil.
Worn /broken piston rings creating excessive blow by would be my first guess.
Are you running a PC Valve ?
If you drained the oil pan and only got 2.5 liters ,then it's either low on oil by 1.2 liters or its not draining back from the top side .  

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