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1987 C10 truck starting problems.

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Posted: 07/17/14 06:19 PM

Hi thanks for the site this is my first post. I have a 1987 C10 with a 350 and I just took the engine out to clean and paint it and the engine compartment before it goes to paint. It was running fine when I removed it and I had it running after I put it back in. I was setting the timing and I was moving the dist cap and it stalled and I can not get it to run again. After it stalled it had a code of 42 so I put a new ignition module on it and nothing. I have checked and rechecked the firing order and it is all correct. I am getting spark to the plugs and I check the pickup coil and it is good 861 ohms. I don't know of anything else it could be it just cranks and doesn't even try to fire. I even rechecked to see if I was a TDC several times and it is. It is getting fuel also.


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Posted: 08/05/14 02:21 AM

did you get it started yet?????

here is the wiring at the ignition switch.. please make sure you are getting power to the RED wire under the hood at the HEI.. same as the pink wire at IGN1..

LS309 LS442 Ignitionswitchgmcolors Zps2813907d

you should have power in RUN .. crank and run..

did you get the various electrical connection studs tight on the firewall..

i threw this together a while back.. works better with the engine running. but you can perform most if it headlights on.. key on engine not running.. or engine cranking..

practice on a car/truck that currently works so you know what you are seeing..


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