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402 BBC rollar Cam choice yea I know 305 of big blocks

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Posted: 07/20/14 10:27 PM

I have a massive 1972 Monte Carlo that I built for a little street and strip.
Its got 163 to 170 lbs of cylinder pressure with a compression ratio of 9.31
Edelbrock 6045 heads 1.8 crane rockers comp 11-413-8 264/270 .510/.510 retro    fit roller cam. Holley 670 street avenger. Msd 6a
3.73 limited slip gear. At 10 degrees in timing and 40 total adv.
The problem is massive low end  power through first gear then that's about it slight pull into second then falls flat any
suggestions on another cam for the combo. Maybe someone who has built a 396  

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Posted: 08/01/14 04:02 PM

First thing, I would do is install a larger carburetor on that 402.
That 670cfm is just not enough to feed that BBC.

For a cam I would look for something in the 230-236 like this camshaft.  
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