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2005 Chevy Equinox Engine issues

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Posted: 04/21/14 07:18 AM

About 10 days ago (April 11, 2014) my engine started over heating.  No prior issues.  I took out the thermostat to see if it was a bad thermostat. The engine continued to over heat without the thermostat. So I replaced the water pump and the thermostat while I was at it.  

After changing the water pump, the check engine light came on and was diagnosed as a cylinder 1 misfire.  I replaced the plugs (they are gapped correctly) and the light remained, but I also noticed white smoke and water coming from the exhaust.  I figured blown head gasket and replaced it.  

Now the tensioner pulley is "shaking" and "smoothes" out with a litle bit of fuel. The engine shuts off when driving and even more noticeable when I turn corners.  

Now the check engine light flashes at times too.  

Is this the catalytic converter from having water and antifreeze go through the exhaust?  The Fuel pump causing the misfire?  Both?

Thank you for your help  

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Posted: 04/21/14 11:06 AM

when it started over heating..  it probably damaged the head gaskets.. or cracked a head.. it could also have a leak in the intake manifold or intake manifold gasket..

for a while all the 3.4V6 equipped cars were parked while new intake gaskets were designed and tested..    chances that your intake gaskets were not replaced already.. close to zero..  could the intake gaskets be leaking  yep.. could the head gaskets be leaking.. yep..  could the head gaskets be leaking, yep...

radiator pressure testers are available if you don't own one. from many parts stores thru their loan a tool section.. you do have to leave a massive deposit.. but you get it all back when you return it..  this is behind the parts counter. and you may need to also borrow the proper adapter for your coolant tank..

inspecting the spark plug tips again for signs of coolant leakage..  if you have access to an air compressor.. a compression tester hose and a remote starter button.. you could perform a modified cylinder leak down test.. using the compression tester hose with the valve core removed.. leak down testers have a restriction in their hose.. without the check valve.. you get a lot more air flow to pressurize the combustion chamber..

here is something you can do easily..    with some sandwich wrap.. place some over the filler neck on the coolant bottle with the cap off...  push a depression into the film.. use a rubber band to secure it..    you will need to block the end of the small overflow hose that will void this test if left open..

start the engine for 15 seconds..  then shut it off.. this is usually done on a cold motor.. did the plastic puff up..  if so.. you may have a combustion leak..   head gasket failure.. cracked head... it won't find a cracked exhaust port..

what's interesting is.. when it shuts off going around corners.. that could be a leak inside the intake... and it can. if some coolant gets sloshed into the intake port.. actually destroy the motor..  it can break pistons.. it can bend connecting rods..  it can damage the crank. even break the cylinder block..  

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