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Vortec heads

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Posted: 03/13/14 08:54 AM

Ok,im building a 355 roller engine as we speak.I have a set of 062 vortec heads that have tested crack free.My machine shop guy has suggested running comps beehive spring/retainer kit to avoid having to machine the spring pockets.Ive ran this combo on my current engine with a zz4 cam and its been fine.I did not use screw in studs and I think ive pulled a few studs ever so slightly as I have a lot of valve trane noise and a slight miss.So I have  a few questions,he says I should be fine with the press in studs,although we have not decided on what cam to run yet.Im sure its gonna be around .500-.525 lift,should I go ahead and run screw in studs(extra 200$) or pin them? Or just run the press in ones? Also,how about the spring kit?Should I just have the pockets machined? With this all being said,is there a aftermarket head(like summits) that yall know is a good head for around 750$?? Cause to do these right im looking at around 800$ Thanks in advance for any opinions..  

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