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sbc swap, 1976 383 stroker CORVETTE MOTOR IN A 97 TAHOE.

mike  hasegawa
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Posted: 02/04/14 02:58 PM

I bought a 76 corvette with a new 425 hp 383 striker sbc. I pulled the motor during restoration, and put in a 700 hp BBC. My 1997 Tahoe has a vortex 350 in it and  has 250,000 miles and motor is sloppy at start up til oil gets up in the motor. My question is, can I do the swap without any major part fit issues. Will the starter bolt up and will the intake fit with the old heads?  Or should I get a new intake since the motor is high performance. Also, the pulleys and brackets all fit? Just wondering what sort of issues I can expect. Thanks for any help, starting restoration in two weeks.  

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Posted: 02/04/14 07:47 PM

IT won't work. sorry..

no way no how.. too many differences..

it will go the other way.. if you had to  97 to 73.. but 73 to 97.. NOT a chance it will work without MAJOR  machine work...

97 has a tone wheel on the crank snout in front of the crank sprocket.. and it uses a plastic timing cover because the crank shaft position sensor is in the bottom of the plastic timing cover..

the plastic timing cover will NOT seal on an earlier block as far as i know..

it will take machine work to the front crank snout to mount the crank tone wheel.. but not having the ability to mount the crank shaft position sensor.. makes it a NO GO..

well.. its possible.. but its NOT worth the amount of custom work to save a few bucks..

an almost unknown issue is the starter mounting bolts.. to the end of 1981.. all the starter bolts are 3/8-16..  from 82 they are all 10MM x 1.5 pitch..

if you put a 3/8 bolt into a 10mm hole.. its probably going to strip and break off in the hole.. ruining your day..  but because the 10MM bolt is about 0.020" larger in diameter.. if you put a metric bolt into an SAE hole.. you will usually SPLIT the corner off the block.

if your engine is tired.. and those 5.7 vortec motors can go easily 300,000+ miles with some upkeep..

timing chains go slack.. allowing the cam sensor in the plastic distributor to get out of phase with the crank sensor and that throws off the fuel injection timing.

vortec distributors have bushings that wear.. allowing side to side movement of the distributor shaft..

vortec distributors has a WEAR issue with the distributor gear..  where it wears the teeth down.. give the rotor a twist.. if the shaft turns slightly..  more than a fraction.. you probably have a worn out distributor gear.

vortec intake manifold gaskets go bad..  

vortec fuel injection spiders go bad.. and there are newer replacements that have individual injectors at the ends of the spiders instead of in the spider center.

vortec EGR valves need to be operated with a scan tool to 90 percent once in a while..  this keeps the carbon cleaned out of them.. this takes a professional model scan tool and somebody who knows how to operate it.. most of the time they never get past 45 percent..  and they tend to clog after only opening part way.. you can tell when its clogged.. as the engine will ping on acceleration..

vortec and TBI motors with remote oil filters and remote oil coolers need to have the oil pressure relief valves changed that are around the filter adaptor and in the block.. most have one.. some have 2..  the seal kits for the oil filter adaptors and the tube ends are under 10 bucks and easily done..

almost every vortec and TBI motor i have worked on.. needed a new ignition coil.. where the originals were leaking high voltage..  

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