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need help with 305

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Posted: 05/14/13 03:47 PM

Hello, my name is Travis and I am currently trying to assemble a 305 with alittle pep. Im putting it in a small dodge d50 on 38 inch tires. I have been doing some research and they say u can put a 350 cam and 350 heads on a 305 and it will help. I had recently purchased a 350 and was told it needed minor work but ran. the selling point was that it had a 420 cam in it which is what I wanted to run, but it turns out the motor was locked up and needed to be bored and worst of all had a gm cam!!!! so I purchased the 305 dirt cheap and was curious as to if they made a 420 cam stock from gm? And what is an easy way to check clearance of the valves touching the top of the pistons (I was told it can happen). Thank you and I appreciate any help with my situation!  

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Posted: 05/14/13 07:43 PM

come up with casting numbers off everything....  

both blocks..

both sets of heads....  


that will make getting you a proper answer easier...

say... is that a roller cam???  conventional tappet cams cannot be swapped from engine to engine as they have been broken in to specific lifters and lifter bore angle differences...

what.. in conventional cams. the egg shaped lobe is ground with a tiny angle across the face..  the lifters have a convex face... so when the cam rides on the lifter.. the contact patch is slightly off center on the bottom of the lifter.. this causes the lifter to spin slowly as the cam goes around...    change the lifters into a different order... or cam and lifters into a different block.. the angles might be slightly different and cam failure usually follows soon afterwards..

if you are going rock climbing...    you might want to think about a fuel injection system... so the float bowls won't be effected by angles...  hint... one with massive angles in the future... might want to have a second fuel tank or accumulator.. so the fuel pressure does not drop if the fuel moves away from the in tank electric fuel pump

are you also aware that there are a bunch of truck magazines on this site also????

click the source internet media icon at the bottom of the page... and then the Our sites tab...  

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Posted: 05/15/13 08:05 AM

What is a 420 cam?

Does it smoke pot?

Is it like a 3/4 race cam or 1/2 race cam.  
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Posted: 05/16/13 02:23 AM

Find out what that 420 cam is.
With a 38" tall tire you are going to need a rear gear with a ratio of 6:50 or more to get any can and convertor combination to work....


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