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454 in 96 half ton

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 10/09/13 12:06 PM

hi ok so i know some stuff when comes to working on my truck. but rebuilding motors and trans and swaping them im kinda new. k what i wanna do is replace or rebuild the motor it leaks oil and burns oil bad. it has alot of miles and i know eventually im gonna have top have it rebuilt or a new motor. my dad just had his rebuilt and it was about 1700. i looked and found a brand new crate motor same motor for 2000. so i would probably got that route and sell the old one. but here is my question. i would like to go with a bigger motor like a 454 or bigger. i plan on putting a lift kit and some swampers on it so i want plenty of hp. to put a 454 in it what would i have to change as far as computer and trans ect. in oder to run the 454  

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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 10/09/13 05:57 PM

You didn't mention what year your truck is, or what engine is in it now. There are so many things to consider, when making engine swaps.

I would first decide what your main use will be for your truck. Then go from there...



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