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Robbed at Super Chevy Houston

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/28/13 07:36 PM

What is wrong with the people who run the Chevy Show?  I think a refund is in order   Went to show today in BAYTOWN expecting to see at least some of the vendors and  sponsors there, maybe to pickup some parts and see something but believe it or not there was not one vendor there.  They did not have displays or even have a few new Chevys on display  to look at. This excludes the cars the dealership drove over to get to the track.  Even the swapmeet area was a ghost town  fewer than 8 people selling  stuff.  Don't even ask about the car show,  if it did not have halo lights and leds on it  there might have been ten quality cars there.  I drove over 200 miles to be let down and this will never happen again,   O bye the way how many vendors where at the other show in Bristol that was scheduled on the same weekend. Super Chevy owes the people who where there an apology for being screwed.  While I was  there I never saw an official from Super Chevy in over 2 hours of looking and finally realized you guys subbed out the show and never came to Houston  

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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 09/29/13 04:33 PM

In the area of the country where I live. Hemmings holds a Muscle Palooza swap meet and car show. It's held over Labor weekend. It was held at Lebanon Valley Raceway, in Lebanon Valley New York. I have been to previous Muscle Palooza shows and was never disappointed. This year the attendance was down.
  They was a threat of early evening rain. But the Sun shined 95% of the day. The classes were just about done racing when it started to rain, 4PM to be exact. The lot where the show cars are to be judged, was maybe 65% full. Compared to years when the parking lots were full. And the people that lived near the Track would clean up charging people to park. My point I guess finally is just the economy. Realz69 like you I traveled about 200 miles round trip. I was talking to a guy that lived on the Eastern shore or Mass. He traveled probably 400 miles round trip. He said the same thing, the economy sucks. Of course gas was high here at $3.85 a gal. So guys aren't driving their muscle cars 400 miles (93 octane was $4.10 a gal.
  Hemmings publishes many car magazines, so I'm guessing with the low attendance they were hurting too.



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