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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/29/13 12:22 PM

I have a 66ss with a relatively new, 454 block 427.  It blew the rear main seal and ruined the bearing and scored the crank.  the motor is closed chamber rectangle port factory heads, thumper cam. 3200 stall on a 700r with a 3.73.   I have 2 512 casting 427 motors one 2 bolt , one four bolt .  I was thinking of using the 2 bolt going with aluminum oval port heads.   I was looking at the edelbrock 2095 top end kit with a 2161 performer manifold to fit under the stock hood.  I am looking for instant acceleration up to 80, 90 I don't need to go over 5500 as I am not looking to brake anything or set records.  I don't want to reinvent the wheel here I am looking for the best head & cam combo to give me whiplash at slow speed W O Throttle. Not interested in 1/4 mile time or top end, just instant gratification when I stomp it. I would like the HP to be in the 500+
Charlie a

any one been there done that I only want to do this one more time.  The motor in the car was nice but not what I expected in acceration  

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hang on for an answer.. or repost over at the chevyhiperformance forums.. your user name and password will work there also..  

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