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Help with Holley 750 CFM bracket & cables

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/02/13 11:06 AM

Hey there guys
Im new to this modifying shnizzle and was wondering if you could help me

I have a Edelbrock 2101 manifold & a Holley 750 Carb but naturally the bracket for the cables dont fit, im ni the UK so if i have to import anything i really want it to be the right one.  also the throttle arm doesnt look like its fit for my my cables either (cables now too long or not the right size for cables connections)

Any suggestions, sorry for being so rubbish but you have to start somewhere right? Smile


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Posted: 04/02/13 12:54 PM

ive been known to get creative with a coathanger! Grin   just make sure you get full throttle. Wink      what tranny are you hooking up?        creative wire bending can make it operational til you find the right length cables or bracket.  

  a suggestion would be to give some more info, like what car, etc?  lol.   kinda hard to help ya pick out a cable for an unknown vehicle.

  welcome to super chevy! Cool  

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Posted: 04/02/13 08:52 PM

IMG 20130402 00795


i see 3 cables... the cable with this long end is for the cruise control (=========)
IT does NOT fit where you currently have it.. that piece of carb linkage is for FORD C4 and C6 automatic transmission kick down rods..

the cable with the metal ring end... ( o ) is for the throttle cable..  both of the above cables can go either to the biggest hole at the top of the throttle lever.. or the hole that is punched thru the back with a raised edge...  there are specific studs for this..  the cruise control and the throttle cable need to be on the same pin.... for effective ratio...

the cable with the sliding plastic connector looks like either a TH350 or one of the 200-4R or 700-R4 throttle valve cables.

if its a TH350. you can hook it directly to a special stud in the lower most punched from the back hole in the throttle lever...

if its a 200-4R , 700-R4, Ford  AOD transmission,  that requires an adaptor change the effective length from the center of the throttle shaft... of the throttle angle to cable pull ratio will be DIFFERENT..  the standard pick up point is too far from center.. so if you get the adjustment correct at idle.. when you go to WIDE OPEN throttle..  it will pull the cable casing at right out of adjustment and the transmission will be destroyed within just a block or two...  as the internal line pressure will be TOO LOW and the clutches will slip..

there are also throttle cable brackets to mount those cables on the carb mounting studs instead of on the intake mounting bolts that don't seem to line up very well

i cannot tell if you originally had a 2 barrel carb.. but looking at that throttle cable mounting .. those came in both 2 barrel and 4 barrel lengths..  if your application was a 2 barrel.. it will take a 4 barrel cable to properly reach the carb...

can you supply the body style... year make and model..

please. since its a long way to get parts... you might also want to include the Length of the throttle cable casing to the firewall that you may need..  and perhaps.. the overall length..

i have a bunch of catalogs that have accelerator cables.. and i might be able to pick out something that will let you get one of the slightly later type brackets that uses a Square hole in the bracket for the accelerator cable casing clip.. instead of the round that was used on mid late 60s models..

also post your carb number.. LIST R-????? - ??  

i am not trying to get secrets from you .. just assisting you in getting everything hooked up right..  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 04/02/13 08:53 PM

oops.. double post...

check this video out from holley performance...

look at the throttle cable casing they snapped in at 2:05...  and the last few frames of the video shows the hook up for your the slightly later snap in throttle cable casing and the same cruise control linkage...  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 04/02/13 09:27 PM

holley part number 20-36 is the throttle and cruise control stud you will need..

20 36

holley part number 20-40 transmission kick down stud is the proper part number for the TH350 transmission applications.. but NOT for the 700-R4 or 200-4R applications...

Medium20 40V2

if you have a 700-R4 transmission or 200R4.. this is the more than likely cable bracket.. holley 20-95

20 95

this is the proper linkage adaptor for the 700R4 to correct the angle to pull ratio

SUM 700202

there are different part numbers for holley style and edelbrock style carbs..

and a bunch of different brands  

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