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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/26/13 12:24 PM

I am currently looking at buying a 2011 Chevy Silverado truck with 4 wheel drive and a 4.8 engine. Is this engine worth trying to modify to get more torque out of it or shouldnt I even try?  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 03/26/13 03:23 PM

i have not driven the 4.8L trucks..

but if you want more power already...  buy a truck with a 6.0 or 6.2 motor..  save time and money as all the work is already done...

buying a small motor truck to save money... then spending THOUSANDS on upgrading... is  not cost effective..

if you live in an area where emission testing is done.. any mods .   might bite you..

this is just my opinion..  

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I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 03/27/13 09:25 AM

I drove a 2006/2007 4.8 2wd truck and was not impressed. It didn't have the same grunt as my 97 5.7 truck and didn't get any better milage over the same 600 mile trip. Both trips were running empty with the same people in the vehicle. The 4.8 has to spin higher to have any pep to it. The 4.8 has a 3.268" stroke and it is painfully noticable when driving one. A step up to the 5.3 with a 3.622" stroke would be money better spent.

I have to agree with Wayne in that buying a small motored vehicle then spending cash to improve it is not cost effective. A 4wd truck with a small motor would surely be sluggish.

IMO, you'd be money ahead to find a truck that already has a bigger motor.  
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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 03/28/13 02:09 PM


Any truck that size you will want at least a 5.3. Any engine with adj. valve timing remember to have the oil changed at the correct intervales. 5.3 and up even 6.0.Good Luck


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