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Did a tune up and now the engine won't fire up!?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/17/13 01:51 PM

We have a 79 Chevy C10 with a 350 out of a 70 Chevelle in it. We were doing a regular tune up on it (new plugs, wires, distributor and rotor). After everything was installed the truck would turn over just fine, but won't fire? There is power to the main + going into the distributor, no spark at the plug either. After the truck would not fire we reversed everything one by one (wires, plugs, distributor rotor, then the cap) and now with all the old parts back in it still will not fire? Could this just be a bad coil? The truck fired up fine before we "replaced" everything, and now we have nothing? Any ideas?  

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Posted: 06/18/13 01:28 PM

well did you get it fired up???

power at the red wire to the coil...


did you change the ground strap that goes into the cap before the coil bolts in over to the new cap???


HEI Largecapgroundstrap

did this wiring harness get plugged back in... without any wires pushing out of the 3 cavity connector...   and did the coil terminals actually connect..???



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Posted: 06/20/13 02:26 PM

A quick way to check the ignition moduleis very easy.

1.Have a good probe light

2.hook the clip to the TACH LEAD AT THE rotor connections. You will see a label called tach. Weither you have a tach in you can or not that lead will be there.

3.If it has a wire connected to it remove it. Clip the hot end of the tester to the tach , and the other end to the ground.

4.MOST IMPORORTANT: Have a friend crank the engine over several time in short 5 sec. bursts.
NOTE: If they is a pulse (or flicker) to the test light, your ignition should be okay. Grin  Cool
NOTE: If there is no pulse to your test light then your ignition is probably No Good. If you need to replace the ignition modgule use dielectric under the module and module bas.


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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/07/13 07:15 PM

make sure the distributer is on #1 .. i had that same problem it ended up being off.  

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