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Rear Main Seal Re/Re help needed!

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/14/13 01:46 PM

Hi Guys,
Totally new here.  Bought a car years back from my wife's old man, bless his Chevy soul. This is what I know.  It is a southern 1962 Chevy Impala 2Dr, hardtop.  Since this car has been a garage queen from way back, the rear main seal leaks oil real bad.  My first problem is that I have no idea what block is in this car, so can't order any new parts to get started.  Lot's of frustration looking for numbers, and the number on the passenger side head reads 3795898, or 8795898.  Any comments or suggestions would be really appreciated.  Dreaming of driving it without having to carry a case of oil on board Smile

Regards and Thanks


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Posted: 05/14/13 02:33 PM

622DrImp welcome aboard.

If the engine has never been replaced. You have a 2 piece rear main seal. If the car has sat for 2 years or more I would pull the engine and reseal it. This way you will have a good idea of whats going on inside also.
  As far as the trans there is really 2 seals the convertor and the output shaft yoke.
  Good luck and have fun


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Posted: 05/15/13 07:50 AM

3795896 283/307/327 58-72 1.72/1.50 60cc

This is what my reference material shows for a set of heads that could be the number you have. There are no head casting numbers beginning with 8.

I have to agree with Bob, the motor sounds like the original and would have a 2-piece rear main seal. Any small block prior to 1987 will have a 2-piece rear main seal.  
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