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fuel return line

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Posted: 04/25/13 05:05 PM

I am planning on replacing all fuel lines on my 81 Z28. I am doing this because I think my Holley is leaning out because of not enough fuel being delivered to the carb. Question is if I plug the fuel return line at the fuel tank will this effect fuel delivery? I do plan on replacing the pickup inside of the tank also so everything will be new. Is there any options for a single line sending unit? I did find one but it was the wrong year and wrong engine size.The pump I have on does not have a return line fitting. Nothing about this engine is stock either.Thanks!  

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Posted: 04/25/13 10:05 PM

this is how the 81 models are hooked up... on the vacuum side of the fuel tank..

the return line from the pump prevented vapor lock by keeping the fuel flowing thru the pump with a small percentage going back to the tank..

if you have your car in a garage.. you may actually want the carbon canister hooked up...

you may want it hooked up also... so the gold we call gasoline does not evaporate away when parked.


you will want to while you have the sending unit out.. . drop some super magnets into the fuel tank thru the opening.. and verify they fall to the bottom.. not fall sideways and stick to the inside top ...  this will help keep any sediment into the tank and out of the fuel system where it can hold the check valves in the pump open..  reducing your flow...

a good quality fuel filter just before the pump can also help..  but this can be back by the tank if you have new lines...  think fram HPF1

are you running a stock pump.. or a high performance aftermarket version that will have a better chance of keeping up the engine RPMs at high speed..

another person was talking about the roller fuel pump pushrods.. and i also spotted lightweight composite versions to reduce the mass in motion to avoid pump  spring floating..  

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