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removing cam

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Posted: 04/20/13 12:38 PM

i am trying to remove the cam from my 1971 camaro,350. the problem is as i try to pull it out it is binding on something. could anyone tell me what to do.  

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Posted: 04/20/13 01:16 PM

I take it you have the intake off and all the lifters are out.And the fuel pump is also un-bolted so the rod drops away from the cam lobe?

If you didn't already,bolt your top gear back on the cam.It gives you something to hold on to so you can weasel the cam out.If all the above is done,then it's probably the fact that when you pull the cam out of the bearings it drops down,and then it hangs a lobe on a bearing.Grab it by the gear and lift it up while holding it in line with the bearings,and work it through the next bearing.Will be a total of three times and its out.Don't go get'n rough with it or you'll damage the bearing surfaces.  
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